The All-New Austter Home Wood Chipper with Fold-Over Feeding Hopper

Austter Home Wood Chipper

Austter, a leading manufacturer of small wood chippers, has come to your rescue with a gasoline wood chipper and is all set to enter OEM/ODM market.

A quick search on the internet will muddle your mind with various wood chipper sellers. Wood chipper is a machine that reduces wood into small chips. From the time of its inception, it has been proved useful for gardeners and people who prefer to live in a place surrounded by nature. The rural areas are sometimes subjected to natural calamities.

Say a massive storm can destroy private property, and the worst outcome is when collapsed old trees block a busy road. Burning those collapsed trees is not the best option, as their smoke emit carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases. This is when a wood chipper enters the scene.

Austter Home Wood Chipper will perfectly take care of those trees as if they were never causing any trouble. The manufacturers have always managed to stay in the news, and now with another good reason. They have come up with something different — a gasoline wood chipper, the one that is self-feeding machine powered by a gasoline engine.

Incredible Functions of Gasoline Wood Chipper

This amazing gasoline wood chipper with fold-over feeding hopper from the house of Austerr can grind bushes and trees in no time. It is equipped with a devouring mouth that can chip tons of natural waste easily. The machine will be a boon for field workers who can finish their prescribed work within minutes.

This Gasoline Wood Chipper will help you with your various needs, as mentioned below.

• You can save the soil with a gasoline wood chipper that creates mulch. It’s a necessary material that is used for improving soil fertility and soil moisture, and reducing weed growth — no need to spend money on buying fertilizer and other products that cost you a fortune.

• Proper mixing of chipped woods and other natural waste material generates a compost. Your garden and plants can become stronger with this natural fertilizer. This option is undoubtedly better compared to those chemical fertilizers. If you can create this compost in ample quantity, then you can consider selling it to either supplier or develop a separate business for yourself.

• Austter’s gasoline wood chipper can gift you with multiple ways of earning extra income. Pressed wood can be made from wood chips, which can be used in making various furniture items. So, now, don’t dispose chipped wood, instead sell it to the manufacturers who are ready to pay you money in return.

• Burning chipped wood can be considered as an act of disservice to the world. Probably the most significant benefit that comes from chipped wood is bio-fuel. Depleting natural resources is undoubtedly a major global worry, and it’s safe to say despite enormous scientific advancement, nothing can replace fuel. Chipped wood can bring a revolution in the long run because it can be transformed into biomass by using special enzymes.

New Gasoline Wood Chipper with Fold-over Feeding Hopper Design

One of the major attractions of Austerr gasoline wood chipper is its fold-over feeding hopper. Many people are wondering why Austter developed wood chipper with such a hopper. Here’s the answer.

When not in use, a wood chipper can be a potentially dangerous machine. It contains very sharp blades that can chop off anything that comes in between. So, with a fold-over feeding hopper, you can kiss goodbye to this worry, as you can cover the blades and protect your children and pets from any potential injury. All in all, this product not only matches international standards of quality and performance, but it is also equipped with the best of safety and security features.

Amazing Features of Austter Gasoline Wood Chipper

Austter has left no stones unturned to add multiple features in a single gasoline wood chipper. Some of the major ones include:

• Raised bar of chipping quantity

One will be delighted to get maximum capacity of chipping quantity. Chipper drum has a power feed assist system that devours up to thirty-five branches per minute.

• No noise pollution

The compact motor inside the wood chipper creates minimal noise pollution. Now customers can look forward to a powerful engine with high chipping capacity without causing irritating noises.

• Easy to carry

Now, transporting the machine from one place to another won’t be taxing. Wood chipper is a bulky machine, and if not handled with caution, it is prone to damage or injury. The easy to carry feature of this machine eliminates this problem. It has robust tires with which you can transport the machine from one place to the other with ease. This feature is meant to put a smile on the faces of field workers and gardeners.

Want to Contact Austter?

Austter maintains a beautiful and user-friendly website to stay in touch with their customers. They have a sales team that answers all queries one has raised through their online query form. Just fill your name, email, and your inquiry message, and send it to the company. They claim to send you a reply within 12 hours.

You may also call their customer care center at 0086-18660664629, and talk to a customer care executive over phone. You may also get in touch with them via Facebook or Skype. You may also send them a written message at their physical address located at ShuangFeng Avenue, 262100, AnQiu City, Weifang, China. So, don’t waste your time anymore. Check it out right away and get in touch with the concerned person.

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